Now more than ever, we all need the healing power of music. Our mission is to bring that power to the people in this time of crisis.

So maybe you can’t go see your favorite performers right now. Maybe not for the foreseeable future? Let us bring them to you. Pick the date and the time, and we’ll do the rest. Your favorite artists, in an intimate concert for your friends and neighbors, literally on your front porch. We all have to be socially distant. Doesn’t mean we can’t be social. Here’s how.


  • Performances must be outdoor, in a space that allows safe distancing for performers and guests.
  • All guests MUST maintain CDC recommended 6 feet of social distancing.
  • Guests must bring their own chairs, blankets, tables, etc.
  • Guests must bring their own food, beverage, etc.
  • Guests must SIT BACK, RELAX, and ENJOY!!


  • Pick a date and time for your front porch gig.
  • Pick a local performer you’d like to host – choose from our roster, or let us know who you’d like to have, and we’ll reach out to them for you.
  • Not sure who/what you want? Ask us, and we’ll find a good fit for you.


  • We will be your artist liaison for every aspect of your gig.
  • We will negotiate payment terms and delivery with your artist on your behalf.
  • We will facilitate communication between you and your artist to customize your gig to fit your needs.
  • We will create an evite you can share with your friends and neighbors.
Front Porch Gigs
Front Porch Gigs
Front Porch Gigs
Front Porch Gigs
Front Porch Gigs
Front Porch Gigs
Front Porch Gigs


We ask that NO CASH CHANGES HANDS before, during or after your front porch gig. Once payment terms are negotiated, you will submit payment electronically to Front Porch Gigs, and we will pay the artist on your behalf.


We encourage you and your guests to tip artists as you see fit – for many, these small gigs are their only remaining source of income, and they are working for a fraction of their usual fees. That said, we ask that ALL TIPPING BE DONE ELECTRONICALLY. We will provide you with our artists’ virtual tip jars (PayPal, Venmo).


Our goal is simple: to reconnect music lovers and local musicians through intimate, small scale “front porch gigs.” This is all about a win-win. Friends and neighbors get a welcome escape from the isolation of social distancing. Musicians get to do what they do best, and earn some income at a time when the live performance industry has been completely wiped out. Minus a nominal administrative fee, 100% of proceeds go to musicians and their families.


“Six weeks into stay-at-home orders in New Orleans, our block was feeling restless and pretty down about a canceled Jazz Fest. When we wanted to bring music to our street, Front Porch Gigs hooked us up with the perfect one-man-band to play in a neighbor’s yard. All we had to do was put out chairs and blankets and enjoy live music, and we got to forget for a few hours that life is very different right now.” – Nathan and Lauren List, Lakeview residents

“Hosting a live music duo on my front porch was absolutely beautiful. Neighbors all gathered around and enjoyed an incredible evening. It was one of my fondest memories in my home to date. Thank you front porch gigs for creating the space to bring us all together in such a crazy time in life.” – Courtney Callahan, host

“We had a great time playing for you guys the other night. It was so great not only to get out of the house, but to play music for a listening audience. After weeks of practicing and recording videos for social media, it certainly was nice to hear some applause again. The weather was perfect, your guests and neighbors were friendly and appreciative, and we had a blast from beginning to end. I would love to play more of these performances for you and anyone interested :)” – Harry Hardin, violinist/guitarist

“It was great! Like playing for a bunch of old friends I didn’t even know I had.” – Dave Jordan, singer/songwriter



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